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Posted on Feb 11th 2017

VICEHow 'Stranger Things' Built Its Terrifying MonsterVICENetflix's retro-spooky adventure series Stranger Things is a love letter to early 80s supernatural adventure moviesthe blockbusters where the young protagonists wear corduroy pants and have pudding-bowl haircuts. But it also owes a great deal to Jaws.and more » Straight.comSuper Duper Rickshaw tribute comes together to honour local star Paul LeahyStraight.comThe glam rocker in Leahy would.

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Posted on Apr 4th 2016

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Posted on Jan 27th 2016

Children playing a game of make-believe with their father, in which he pretends to be a monster chasing them. If you Google “why do we get attached to fictional characters?” 2,800,000 results are returned. Some of them are articles like this.

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Posted on Dec 28th 2015

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Posted on Oct 13th 2015

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