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Essence.comFifty and Fabulous! 12 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Women Who Are Slaying In Their 50sEssence.comThese women have all had some nip-tuck! YOU are contributing to the unrealistic standards of beauty. If you want to see a REAL beautiful FIT 50year old who hasn't had so much as microdermabrasion check me and women like me out! Instagram: alethasfit. D'Marge50 Ways To Rock Grey Hair & Be The King Of Silver FoxesD'MargeThis is why it's essential you pick the right.

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Look at Goldblum here; even with his slightly receding slate grey hairline, this bad boy looks great. (Both the man and his mane, we mean.) Just because you're older, doesn't mean you can't have a little fun especially if your locks are thinning.

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And last weekend, she cut 17 inches off her long golden hair that she proudly. Along with doing people’s hair, she has a community closet in the back for women and children, and she has a wig closet for women who lost their hair during their fight. Today, celebrities either showcase outlandish hairstyles or shave themselves bald as a hallmark. and will sweep away the beard too”. Likewise, for women: “Instead of well-set hair, baldness; instead of beauty, shame.” The treatment of hair can

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Bay Post/Moruya ExaminerUS National Parks Service celebrates 100 years: Inside Yellowstone.Bay Post/Moruya ExaminerThis is the second largest national park in the US, and it takes time to truly appreciate.and more » The IndependentLostbox: Meet the innovator behind the service that is reuniting people with their rings, pets… and relativesThe IndependentOwen runs Lostbox with her 33-year-old business partner Phil Pringle; her.

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NEWARK — City police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man in connection with the robbery of a 59-year-old woman, official said. man in his late-40s to mid-50s. He has a low haircut and a full beard, according to authorities. Now, at 43 years old, Anderson warns of the "trickery" of politics. "They are mostly for Hillary," he says glancing over to.

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The Business of FashionNorth Korea's Fashion SecretsThe Business of FashionNorth Korea observers report that clothes should be loose; skirts should be knee-length; jeans should be black (blue denim is seen as a symbol of America, a sworn enemy of the State); and dyed hair is unacceptable. On special occasions, women are .and more » Politicole: All Kinds Of Love And The Feel-Good FactorBahamas Tribune#The point I'm making is that principal McKay and many, many other Bahami

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