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Posted on Oct 12th 2016


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The Ringer (blog)The Euro 2016 Hairstyle GuideThe Ringer (blog)The aforementioned Pogba is one of the most dynamic young players in the world, but he averaged about 0.24 goals and 0.36 assists per game this season in Serie A. Seen through the lens of Franck and Nüesch, though, Pogba's variously wild haircuts can.

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Children playing a game of make-believe with their father, in which he pretends to be a monster chasing them. If you Google “why do we get attached to fictional characters?” 2,800,000 results are returned. Some of them are articles like this.

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The GuardianIntroducing the 'roadtrip' – fashion's brave new haircutThe GuardianYolandi Visser of Die Antwoord sports the high-speed, road-trip fringe. Photograph: Trixie Textor/Getty Images. Lady Gaga debuted her new fringe earlier this month – and had that halfway-up-the-forehead look that smacks of cutting it in the wing mirror. Zee NewsTake that Shortcut!: 5 super-glamourous short haircuts to go for!Zee NewsEveryone has had enough those high-buns during summers – with a dri