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Posted on May 11th 2017

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Posted on Oct 21st 2016

In addition, the structure of vinyls made it impossible to use them. was long and difficult. At first, Philips executives expected their new invention to attract journalists who desperately needed an easy tool to record their interviews. I recently underwent a $50 haircut at one of those fancy Yorkville places. Dragged over my locks in slow, steady lines, the 180-degree pivoting.

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Posted on Jul 23rd 2016

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“There’s nothing wrong with my son’s hair,” she told the Comet. “I agree with school rules, but he’s not breaking them. “I’m ex-military. “If a student comes in with a haircut that breaches our guidelines, the year leader tells. And it seems Zara Phillips will not only look the part at the upcoming. suffered late injuries. ‘I’m keeping my fingers crossed because we’ve still got a few weeks to go and we all know what horses are like,’ she said. Equestrian performance. A

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Posted on Mar 12th 2016

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it did so thanks to the meteoric '80s ascent of stand-up comics like Emo Philips. Combining an elfin appearance with an effortless barrage of absurdity, Philips' unique brand of humor graced numerous talk shows, two excellent comedy albums (E=MO2 and At.

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